Tim and Myles rocked it!

This past Friday, January 31, 2014, The Voice Shop was pleased to host two very talented musicians: Tim and Myles Thompson (father and son).

The duo, brought here by Rich Severson and The Guitar College  knocked out a stellar performance for a less than packed house. Although the attendees (about a dozen) were in awe of these two, the room should have been filled to capacity. Most of Fresno missed some of the best guitar work I've seen since Tommy Emanuel played at the Tower theatre.

Out from Nashville TN for a 10 day tour of California, Fresno was lucky enough to be a stopover. Rich Seversen had brought Tim and Myles out to his music ranch in Coarsegold California to head up a weekend long guitar workshop. Being a musician myself, I wish I had known more in advance, my weekend would have filled with that. 

Although the video here is weak, the audio is good. Have a listen and see what you think.