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February 29, 2016 -


If you are auditioning for Hairspray, please read from Joyce Mayhew, Director, :Hairspry Jr,    Click Here

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HAIRSPRAY Jr. Workshop

March 5, 2016 : Start 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ViSTA Theater is the newest theater in Fresno and, along with renowned director, Joyce Mayhew, we are holding auditions for the very first show in our newley remodeled theater, ViSTA.

How does it work?

First off, there are a number of great benefits to being in a musical workshop, including:  

Active Participation in the Arts.  Improving Literacy Skills.  Becoming a Confident Public Speaker.  Gaining Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills.

This is an 8 week production, with 3 rehearsals every week (no rehearsals for Easter break). The final production ofHairspray will be in May for a two week run, for a total of 6-8 shows.


Those students who are selected in the audition process will pay a total of $300.00 for the workshop.

A $75.00 deposit is required to audition. Anyone who is cast will have the deposit applied to their tuition, those who are not cast will receive a return of their deposit.

Shows will run May 13-15 and May 20-22. 

Complete the form here and let's get your Hairspray on.

Once cast, the rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday and Thuirsday from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

This is an open call, you do not have to be a student of the Voice Shop Music Academy to audition or participate in the show.
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About the director, Joyce Mayhew

Joyce Mayhew has studied Carnegie Mellon University and has a BA in Theater Arts fromWestmont college. In Santa Barbara,  Mrs. Mayhew has workedprofessionally as an actor with Ensemble Theatre and toured theCentral Coast with Storybook Theatre. Favorite roles include the White Witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the Lobero Theatre. Voiceover credits include Firehouse Tales and the voice of Priscilla the Proton that ispart of the "Origins" exhibit the Smithsonian Institute. Mrs. Mayhew has worked as an Acting Coach , Artist in Residence , Director and Drama teacher in Santa Barbara County for over 20 years, where she has directed over 50 productions. In 2009 she started Lompoc Youth Theater, where she serves as Artistic Director. For LYT, Mrs. Mayhew has directed High School Musical, Annie,  The Music Man ,Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Fiddler on the Roof. She has seen many of her students achieve professional careers in the performing arts. She is excited to have a new adventure in the Central Valley.