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Before I found The Voice Shop I was a tone-deaf guitarist with a goal of one day learning to sing. Now I'm playing shows all around Fresno/Clovis as the lead vocalist in a band! The insane thing is that i've only been Debi Ruud's student for a little over a year. This woman is extremely good at what she does and I honestly couldn't ask for a better teacher. I owe The Voice Shop more than I could possibly express and I HIGHLY recommend The Voice Shop to any aspiring musician!

Tristian Capelli, Clovis CA.

Before joining the Voice Shop I was always so scared to sing in front of an audience. It has been at least 3 years since I’ve joined and I have lost that fear. Thanks to the comfortable learning environment and the amazing voice teachers. My voice has changed tremendously and I have pushed it to places I dare not go before. Thank you Debi for helping me grow and love my music and my voice.

Sarah Torres

"Thanks to the Voice Shop, Debi has made me a stronger singer. My vocal range is larger and the various vocal exercises and breathing tips have helped me to project with confidence. Speaking as a mature singer, it is possible to "wake-up" the inner singer and find the vigor and joy in singing."

Linda Guerrero, Fresno CA.

When I was referred to Debi at the voice shop, all I wanted to do was sing in my church choir. I had always been your typical “shower singer” never sang in front of anyone but always dreamed of singing on stage. After taking voice lessons from Debi, I not only sang in the choir but soon thereafter auditioned and made the alto part on a four part worship team, then, before I knew it…AMAZINGLY, I was singing solo’s in front of our congregation of over 450 people!! Wow! Still can’t believe how far Debi has brought me! That was over 13 years ago, today, I’m part of a rock n roll choir formed by Debi and John at the Voice Shop and loving every minute!! I know, I could not have come this far without Debi and her Voice Shop! Kimberly Shanoian, Fresno CA.

I highly recommend the Voice Shop for anyone who wants to learn to sing.  My daughter has been taking voice lessons from Astrid at the Voice Shop for the last two years.  In that time, she has gone from a novice singer afraid to audition for a singing part to a confident singer willing to show off her voice.  

Besides learning how to sing, The Voice Shop (Astrid) has taught her how to deal with performance stress, how to prepare for a performance and to appreciate a variety of musical genres.  My daughter has enjoyed taking these lessons immensely.    Our experience with The Voice Shop has been very positive and rewarding.

Beth Johnson, Fresno, CA.

Singing was a great love I had all but abandoned when I encountered Astrid Plane quite by accident in the doorway of The Voice Shop.  She earned my confidence immediately by her professionalism, warmth and impressive career, mentioning casually but without bravado her group's gold records.  I made a date on the spot for a lesson, hoping to regain my lost voice.

That was [DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY??? I DON'T!] years ago.  Astrid coached me on breathing, posture and hydration, as well as phrasing, tempo and diction, and I participated regularly in Showcase performances at The Voice Shop to hone my stage presence and to overcome stage fright.

I have not recovered the high soprano range of my youth but have gained a strong and fluid alto that to me sounds more pleasing.  I am performing with a band, Highway 41, and making many contacts within the local music scene, including singing with Hearts On Fire, The Voice Shop's own rock choir.  And the very first piece I chose to work on with Astrid, but set aside because the pitch was too high for me, is now a part of my band's repertoire in that very same key.

Astrid opened a door for me that I believed was locked forever.  I will always be grateful.

-Sari Miller, Clovis CA.

My daughter started her singing lessons with Astrid Sasso over a year ago, and I must say the quality of instruction has been more than I had hoped for.  Astrid is clearly a passionate and enthusiastic and professional instructor.  My daughter's voice has improved tremendously.   Her impact on my daughter is quite evident.  I attribute some of my daughter's confidence to her dedication as an instructor.  

I highly recommend lessons with Astrid at The Voice Shop.

Margarita Martinez, Fresno, CA.